Delivery Information

For our company maintain the best relationships with our customers is one of our main goals, so that there is transparency in terms of sales and earnings in both parties then find the guidelines governing the process, to serve as reference to follow to resolve any questions that may arise.


The freight of goods to customers is carried out by an external transport company, so the freight cost will be borne by the customer. Freight generated by return will be in charge of the company as long as the return match defective merchandise or mistakes at the time of shipment. In contrary case will be borne by the customer.


Returns, claims and changes will be accepted by the company within a period of 5 days after receipt of the goods, in accordance with the conditions of return of the company.


All payments of invoices must be made within the terms previously agreed between our vendor and customer. In cases where there is a discount on the invoices, AND HAVE A REFUND OF CHECKS, AUTOMATICALLY LOSE THE DISCOUNT AND MUST CANCEL THE ENTIRE AMOUNT OF THE INVOICE.